Sorting the Chaos!

I am 22 years and three quarters with
less than a week until my 23rd birthday.
If ever a time comes where I will want to be younger
then I shall take on serious yoga classes.
As far as I can tell, I have wanted to be older
my entire life (probably something to do with being a last born)

Easter was last weekend, and so many things went through my mind
Let’s assume that’s because I was not in the vicinity of any vices
However, all I could think about was ‘how do I get away from here?’
Jesus’ resurrection is a reminder of the gravity of salvation
Not simply turning a new page but getting a new book altogether
Washed and cleansed of all sin because He paid THE price.

April has always been special in my mind
which explains why I was born in the month, it’s AMAZING.
It has been on my mind for a while so I MUST be ready to start that new book
A new page simply will NOT cut it anymore, been there done that!!
I NEED that radical shift that one can not help but actively push towards
I can almost see it, smell it, hear it calling out to me (Lol, I know I’m mental)

Mostly I plan to go extra radical on my weight,
I have gained lots of weight over the past months, I want to cry
Scratch that, I want to slit my wrists with a blunt table knife
Theatrics aside, I’m buying that bikini for October
So I’ll be needing a fitness partner as motivated as I am or even more
P.S: No running or jogging or walking otherwise I’ll hail a bajaj at first chance.

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