I Want More…

Let’s say a nice young man was whispering not so sweet nothings into my ears
which probably only happened because I was indulging
and that’s when I worry the most about what I’m doing
therefore I end up messing up twice as much.

Said young boy (rethinking the whole him being a man thing)
asked whether he could call on me (pardon me, I am currently reading Othello)
and I was hesitant in simply stating the simple truth as I know it
I suppose that has something to do with the coward thing I have going on.

Insistent as they can be, he buggered me
with phone calls littered through the days and other nuisances
so I decided to give it a great amount of thought because I deserve that
and more (Yaaaaay, I just used the title.Sorry if you thought I was above that)

I have been writing this for about a week, give or take
And mostly, this is because my initial thoughts were too harsh (yes, the coward thing)
So I decided to work on a pro con list to rationally look into the issue
I can only say this, I do NOT regret it even for a second.

When everything is said & done (I actively refuse to let go of this statement)
I am a selfish, cynical, coward with a knack for telling lies, A LOT.
For various reasons, you are not the more that I want & probably need…
I just want the more that Ana was for Christian Grey. Pretty Simple, Right?

Sorting the Chaos!
We all have THAT workmate...

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