THAT Open Letter!

I have never written an Open letter before
That probably has something to do with the
fact that I do not write letters.
I think the last time I wrote a letter was
back in 2003, and it was to my jaja so I’m really blick!
In this era, everyone seems to have written an open letter
Though mine will some what differ from the usual.
I f you catch on, well and good. If not, Nye!

Dear You,
(Sorry if I misled you into thinking that it was going to be THAT open, ha ha)
You found me when I was lost and I didn’t even know it
And like a knight in shining armor, you shone my world.
For the first time, I had my own knight in shining armor
I no longer had to envy Pepper because I had found my Tony Stark.
Yeah, that’s how it was.
Who am I kidding? That’s how it is.
I want to fix this. How can I fix this?
I’m torn apart from missing you, and the memories do NOT help
I just wish we go back, to before all this nonsense came up
But then I realize we would get back here, sooner or later!
I don’t want to point fingers because it won’t give me want I REALLY want
Plus this might NEVER end what with my being wordy and what not!
Could we try again? Set up our corner, just you & I against them all
We would paint whatever color we want, because it would be ours
We could travel the world, conquer it while we are at it.
All these dreams, I am hopeful even with the current status
What do you think?
Hypothetically, would you buy what I am selling?
Yours Truly,

P.S: This needs to be read in a dramatic tone for effect.

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