New Realities…

Not that I thought he’d change his mind
But he seems to be moving on quite well.
Too well if I am being honest
I realize it’s a conjunction, I just do NOT care
Correct grammar be Damned!
While all I can manage to do without fail
is think about him….All THE Bloody time.
Have you ever seen your own Pain?
Tears were so close I pulled out the emergency pep talk
And those are far and between
Or at least they used to be.
My heart broke and I saw the pieces
Thinking about it now still gives me the creeps.
I thought what we had was Special
Meant something, a one time opportunity.
That we were going to fight no matter what
What hurts the most and even THE famous time could never heal
That you said I didn’t bring anything to the table
While looking back tells a totally different story
That’s fine though. That’s just fine.

THAT Open Letter!
A Kitten called Killian.

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