A Kitten called Killian.

Because the bucket list needed actual progress
And since I have Real Quantifiable hatred for dogs
I settled for a Kitty. Not settled actually
More like an opportunity presented itself
I could have taken the ‘crocodile for a pet’ route
But I feel like it’s Too soon, No?
Also my house has two rooms and I doubt Crocy
Would be that easy to live wtih in such close quarters.
The hugest reason though, is sometimes I’m too tired to bring Killian food
And Crocy would have me for dinner that’s for sure.
Crocy is a Suprrr Cool name, Right?
Anyway, I love Killian
I’ve never had a pet before though so I’m scared.
Like REALLY freaked out of my mind
Someone said I’m gonna kill her. Sigh
*Commercial break*
Yeah, Killian is a Gurrrrrrrl…hahaha
Very long story short, I named the kitty before I got it
Then it turned out to be a Girl.
My mind was already made up about the name though
*End of Break*
I’d hate to be a murderer, especially over this
Wait, are there people who are happy with murdering?
Well I am not sure so I need to be clear. Just in case.
I love my new routine, Killian meowing through the night
Jumping up and down my legs as I prepare for work.
Just the other day, she sat on the curtain as I was leaving
I ALMOST stayed, but unfortunately I couldn’t.
It hasn’t even been a week but I feel it’s been years
And I look forward to so much more.
That is if she decides to drink her milk
Wait, can cats be allergic to milk?
*Runs to google*
All I know is I have a pet….Hey Killian đŸ™‚ 

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