Then This!

I think I have the craziest work mates in the entire universe,

Of course I could wrong so let’s not dwell so much on that.
We are in the business of placing bets against each other’s life styles
 In a move to better or make less embarrassing each other’s lives,
At least that’s what I think the story is.
I will lose my mind if I ever find out otherwise.
Wait; now that I think about it, the reasons have never been expressed
It could be simply for fun, whatever the reason it happened.
The difference with this is I sorta kinda ended up in the middle of this bet.
What can I say? I clearly didn’t think it through.
Why am I giving in to defeat already? It aint over till it is.
Until then, I am bloody hopeful that I will win.
Either that or I will go through with my part, because I ALWAYS keep my word.
That would be the same reason I rarely give my word
This probably has something to do with me being a compulsive liar,
But why point fingers right?
On the bright side, something else I was fretting over was fixed
So I can focus all my worry on this bet that is a small nothing.
Plus I love worrying, it totally helps with weight loss
And I’m willing to pay such a small price for the greater good.
Yes, greater good because it’s more pleasant for everyone
When they look at a relatively small young girl, Right?
Damn You Valentine's Week!!
Law of Contrary Behavior.

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