THE Mugging!

Exactly a week later since it happened.
I have actively been putting off telling the REAL story
With all the gory details and the fear I felt in that moment.
I guess I feel safer now because the wounds are almost fully healed
Also I promised to have this out sooner
And I plan on keeping my word, even if it hurts.
It was some time after midnight ( I usually lose track of time after that)
But it was not yet 0200hrs because I had to be up early.
A bit of stumbling here and there, an encounter I ignored
And Finally I was home.
There’s a small path to my home that I used to consider home
Not anymore of course, but I was calm as usual
Regardless of the late hour of the night.
Torching my way through the rugged road
Because my country is too busy banning the mini skirt.
I don’t know at which exact moment I knew
All of a sudden, I was thinking actively
Which is weird for such a night.
As I usually zombie through such happenings
A sharp pain on my head or was it my shoulder?
I wasn’t too sure but I knew there was pain.
A voice telling to give up my phone
My baby, I hadn’t had Hawy for even 2 months
The pain is all I can think about in that moment
Another voice shouting my name, helping me up
Lots of mumbling around but I lose track
After what seems like decades, I stop trying.
Mumbling a few thank yous, I walk to the gate
Realizing that I still had my bag, I check for the keys.
What a relief it was when I found them
I love my key holders as a symbol of so much
That I can’t begin to imagine what I’d do without them.
Supporting my vice, I shed a few mental tears
And willingly gave in to the numbness
It had been lingering for a while anyway!

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