Mummy’s Bed!

Over the weekend, I was thinking of beds
Since I was sleeping the entire time, Literally.
Of course I got up to support habits here & there
But I am NOT really awake in such moments.
With all my unknown sleeping disorders
I end up having a couple of live dreams
Very vivid too, so I usually hope for smiley affairs.
We all know hope does not disappoint
Which is what keeps me hopeful
Especially after I get up sweaty and relieved
That it was ‘just a Dream’.
That is my Reality! And I’m fine with it
‘It’s Fine’ is a Story for another day Really…
That’s enough suspense for any story, Yes?
Mummy’s Bed. Yes.
My mummy is the ONE force that keeps me going
When I feel weak. Broken. Defeated.
Ashamed (A rare occurrence Really)
Embarrassed (refer to comment above)
But you get the picture so I won’t waste time.
When I was growing up (centuries ago if you must know)
My mummy’s bed had a title ‘Mummy’s Bed’.
Sort of like Lord, Sir, Count and the like
It was a solace of sorts, a safe haven
After dentist appointments, nightmares,
During sicknesses and other ugly realities.
Mummy’s Bed was THE place to be
Weird though because Ice cream & sweets used to ‘appear’
Also sleep seemed more accommodating while I was there.
For what seemed like forever, I hadn’t thought about it
It’s like I have betrayed myself, a part of me
How could I just forget about Mummy’s Bed?
How could I let myself move on so easily?
As though it was never there
As though…*disgusted face*
I love you Mummy’s Bed…And you’ll ALWAYS be in my heart
Hopefully top of mind more than has been the case!! 

A Kitten called Killian.
THE Mugging!

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