Law of Contrary Behavior.

It seems the ‘complicated and above my pay grade’ kinda thing
The first thing that attracted me to it in the first place.
Please, that’s a lie. I saw it in a Romance novel I was reading over the weekend.
I love me a good romantic novel and that hero
with more muscles than I know what to do with that comes with it.
And before you judge me, DON’T.
Before I totally lose track of this and end up procrastinating,
The Law of Contrary Behavior.
It states that when you feel like doing something,
Act in contradiction to that feeling.
Like every law, there are always exceptions;
It does not apply for good deeds to be contradicted to.
That would make the world a scarier place
And I can NOT imagine anything worse than this.
Dammit, I keep drifting away.
So this law seems like a very good deal
Especially because I purpose to be better this year
In the ‘ways’ that society considers that we should act anyway.
One would think making this decision is a great act,
As usual one would be wrong.
My thinking is, it’s easier to do this than fight actual vices
Bottom line, I’m Winning and that is good enough for me.
Why? you may ask, and the answer is pretty simple
These vices I can rely on and for that reason alone
I plan on keeping them till I can replace them.
At the end of the day, the society doesn’t really care
as long I act in accordance to its rules.
To an era of Contrary Behavior, Cheers!

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