Damn You Valentine’s Week!!

This might slowly become my Friday the Thirteenth equivalent
That, or Murphy’s Law is outdoing herself this week.
In my mind, Murphy is a woman
That species sure is calculating hence this predicament.
Three years in a row, I have had terrible experiences
On the day/week that’s meant to spread love
And my paranoia sets in: Is it me?
Do I need to give away all my property so I can get some peace?
What will it take for me not to suffer this around time?
All that emotion comes from the fact that this week
is already taking the cup for worst week of the year.
How is that possible? Could it be Karma?
Is she even Real? I take that back, please don’t tell her!
The week keeps getting worse, and that means one thing
The vices are at their strongest because I NEED to deal.
Even though I am not ashamed of what I do,
I do plan on eventually (whenever that is) giving up!
In my books, Valentine’s week just made it harder.
As always I am Right, but this is at a whole new scale
I want to cry! Toss gadgets outta the window!
Punch a wall till my knuckles are bleeding!
May be slit my wrists for the sake of saying I did!
Instead I sit back and try to clear my to- do list
which for whatever reason, keeps getting longer.

THE Mugging!
Then This!

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