Women & Fertility.

I went to my kafunda salon over the weekend, because the economy is dragging me through the mad and I need to survive somehow. With my luck of late, of course there was a scandal happening in the village and we all know salon ladies are always chatting about these things.
Apparently one of women in this village had stolen a baby because she couldn’t have her own, and her husband had been pestering her for one for a while and threatening to have her thrown out of his house and get a fertile wife.
This got me thinking, is it an implied expectation of marriage or its equivalent for the woman to produce children for the man? Have women really been reduced to the level of child bearing? Is that the only reason for marriage or its equivalent?
Of course this brings the next question to mind, whatever happened to love and things of the like? Are all women put onto this earth for the sole purpose of bearing children? Like in a bee hive, is there a possibility that each woman is assigned a different role even before they are born? If yes, then what happens to those who are intended to become big corporate heads where children are not or should not be their focus in life? Should they get married or end up in a situation of its equivalent, what then happens to them?
Would it then be better for men to give in to the same shallow side that makes them demand for children from their wives or their equivalent and issue all types of threats, and make fertility tests mandatory for a woman who wishes to spend some part or all of their lifetime with them? In that way men can only invest their time and money as they like to shout about it on ‘worthy’ causes.
Anyone who knows me knows that I am anti marriage or its equivalent, but do you really blame with all the madness happening in this life that I traverse?  A very rhetorical question by the way, I don’t really care what you think of my life decisions.
All I know is that some man buggered his wife or its equivalent to the point that she set many actions in motion including stealing another human being’s child. You can keep your shades on through this madness; because that’s the only way you’re going to judge this woman. Yes, the story made it to Agataliiko Nfuufu meaning most of you have heard about it.
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