Death to Teleportation.

Word on the block is that I am not in touch with reality.
That’s a bit harsh; I agree that I am somewhat obsessed with the possibility of teleportation though that is no reasonable cause to throw me to the dogs.
I had to travel to Kagarama, Kabale on Friday evening because my beautiful sister is getting married sometime this month, so the traditional give way had to take place.
This means that I was more obsessed with teleportation than usual, because Kabale is more miles than I care to know away from Kampala. I wonder why I bothered because I am sane enough to know that that would make zero difference. Not that knowing that stopped me from holding onto false hope.
So for those with small families allow me inform you that when events like this are to take place, plans are made to travel in relatively large groups because we are one, right? This automatically means one thing, picking up people from the various parts of the bypass that are convenient for them. Luckily, this took about an hour which is a relatively short time for a family like mine.
All I know is after Kyengera, I had no idea where we passing or the exact names of the locations (never really been good with names) until I saw the sign post for Nkozi. This was both good and bad news because at least I knew how far we had travelled, which brings in the bad news Kabale is NO where near Nkozi. Sigh!
Of course ninjas had to stop at Total, Masaka (it’s a family thing, you wouldn’t understand) where we wasted some time that we didn’t have to spare and bought more things we didn’t need. The driving resumed and some decades later, we arrived in Mbarara and believe it or not, we stopped again. At this point, I could barely comprehend what was going on so I didn’t try to do so.
Apparently when going to Kabale, one has to go through Ntungamo don’t judge me it’s been a minute. The only way I know this is because the Ntungamo road must be the worst road in the entire country, certified. We trudged on in that excuse of a road, and just when I thought I could handle the situation, a phone call was received letting us know that electricity had gone. I nearly ran mad, but from the level of sanity thus far clearly I didn’t.
We finally reached home sweet home which was packed, with no electricity and water, freezing like our lives depended on it. As if on cue, everyone started sneezing nothing to be alarmed by on that side of world.
This was around 0300hrs, and by this time I was too numb to really feel anything. Barely slept and then had to get up, and get all pretty for this milestone in my sister’s life.
It was a lovely function, but it simply reminded me of that Taj Mahal story. It might be impossible to believe but there might never be teleportation, in this life at least.
Let me rock myself to sleep in this corner because life is harsh.

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