My Beautiful Sister.

So all this time I was looking forward to October
Because September just was not my month.
I won’t bother pin pointing the exact moment
Everything went haywire but those were clearly
the longest thirty days of my life. Good Riddance.
I wasn’t simply glad that September was through,
But with it came a visit from my beautiful sister.
This girl lights up my world, literally
And I am sure that it has nothing to do with blood.
She makes me happy, listens, cares, nkebyo
I may seem needy, which might be but everyone needs one.
She is it for me. It may seem materialistic but that’s just one bit
I know I can fully rely on her, no matter what.
Conversation is not strained, we laugh our huge teeth together
And I just acquired new clothes, I feel Awesome.
I love you, Helena 🙂

Against Our Better Judgement.
Victory Music Concert!!

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