So many things or most things in life are overrated.
I could also argue that the concept of overrating is also overrated
However, it’s 0100hrs and I need to sleep sooner rather than later.
I watched my first 3D movie today, which happened to be Man of Steel
Now social media has become very hazardous of late
With blowing things out of proportion especially movies.
Let’s just say I expected Man of Steel to mind rape me
And the 3D experience to have me screaming every 5 minutes,
The joke was on me I tell you!!
Which is ok, because then I can reaffirm my belief
Most things are overrated, It’s Really Never that Serious.
I did have fun though because I was with my sister
Although we could have made do in a kibanda.
Totally True Story!!
The cake though, that shit was not Overrated one bit
Highlight of my Week I guess!

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