I don’t know if I believe in luck
But damn, these past few days
Have been gunning for me.
It started out small and
Of course I simply brushed it off.
However, yesterday was the epitome of the epiphany.
I have never been at such a low.
It’s like, I fix one thing
And two replace it.
Funny how it reminds me of Newton’s law.
I won’t say I’m overwhelmed
Because that’s what I say when it shines too hard.
This is some other rock bottom ish.
However, my munchkin is doing well.
Which I guess has kept me sane thus far.
Debating whether to share my problems
Because I’m sure he’ll more than sooth away the pain.
In all of this, I’m mind blown
By how suffering doesn’t get easier.
However, I have my game face ready
To smile until it hurts.

Life #1

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