Against my wishes, I ended up attending a birthday party last night.
It was sort of a celebrity shindig or smfn like that.
In Uganda, the term celebrity sort of got diluted over the years.
So all these people were in one place,
Fake smiling at each other while saying evil things at every opportunity.
It got me thinking, does it really have to be like that?
Are all ‘celebrities’ in other countries this way?
Or is it simply our failure to see beyond the here and now?
And if indeed they care so little about each, why show up then? 
Makes not only zero sense to me but takes me into negatives.
Of course many of them performed, and others didn’t
Which apparently is some sort of big deal.
Uganda is beautiful but damn Ugandans can be ugly.
I was with a couple of friends so it wasn’t that painful.
And if only my munchkin had made it,
It would have been one of the best nights in a while.
I guess that also makes me a two-faced mogul. Lol
Anyway, we eventually left way after my legs were numb.
And we didn’t bloody get cake.
I’m still mad…I love cake, Hmmmmmmph!

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