The Finale

A few hours remaining before I can do the last paper in my life.
Ok, not entire life but I’m of the belief that every other paper I will ever do will be beneficial to my life, and not simply to impress others as has been the case for what seems like forever.
I plan on enrolling for various things that hold my fancy, and inevitably there will be exams but they will be nothing like the ones I have grown accustomed to.
This I am certain of.
Anyway as I was saying before I got all defensive and what not, the final exam,yes.
Many of friends got up pretty early just to broadcast on social media that this is indeed it.
I didn’t really bother, because it is mainstream.
Yup, I happen to be at that point in my life where I choose to live by certain Do’s and Don’t’s.
Staying away from the mainstream is on that list.
So I managed to spare a second away from my final reading so that I could put it into perspective, avoid fainting right before the paper, getting a nervous breakdown and whatever else Murphy might have planned out.
This feeling that I have right now, it almost makes all the years worth it.
And I am simply glad. 

In My Mind.

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