The Brick Game…

We all played the ‘Brick Game’ at one point in our lives,
That is for those who are in my age bracket or older.
In that lifetime, I lived with the best person that ever existed.
My mum was the awesomest person that I’ve known.
I guess being the last born made it easier
But whatever I wanted, I got.
I received a phone call from an old friend
And he insisted that I go to his place later.
As I waited for him, I decided to stroll into the nearby supermarket…
And Voila!!!! There was the brick game
Looking nice on the shelf
As if it had been waiting for me all its life.
I picked it up, and I smiled to myself.
A genuine smile, which doesn’t happen often.
It reminded me of that time with my mum
The happy memories, the laughter Dear Lord.
My mum had a signature laugh
If you saw her laughing,
You’d join in no questions asked.
Basking in the memory of her love,
I feel invincible..Ready to take on the World.

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