The Aftermath…

I am no longer walking around telling people who couldn’t really be bothered,
About how I am through with school.
That does not mean that I am no longer enthusiastic about it.
I just don’t want to end up sidelined by the good news
And end up digging my own grave and giving those haters that we are all so convinced we have,
something to talk about.
I feel like my life has truly just began.
I am scared out of my socks,
but the movies always imply that this means you’re onto something.
Don’t tell me otherwise, like I asked you.
At one point today I almost run mad because of too many thoughts,
Kind of like traffic jam of the mind.
And amidst that, My Baiiiibe managed to bring back my sanity.
I just spent an entire afternoon writing out emails and working on my resume,
Not to brag but everything is working out just like expected.
In simple terms, I’m ready.

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